The Technology of

Rhythmic Dexterity

Meet the world's first researched and developed training system used by musicians, to condition and maintain advanced finger dexterity. 

Powerful methodology combines rhythmic and calisthenic movement to assist pianists, music producers, and instrumentalists in crafting reflexes for the stage. Enhance your technique for creative music making and performance with the power of Rhythmic Dexterity. 

Available in English & Spanish editions.

Advanced technique for creative musicians

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The Art of Dexterity™

Rhythmic Dexterity Pad®

The Art of Dexterity is proud to introduce the Rhythmic Dexterity Pad®—the world’s first training surface designed for musicians, that supports the development of ambidextrous and polyrhythmic coordination of the hands and fingers.


Kinesthetic Learning

Modeled after the percussionist's ability to practice and maintain technique using a portable piece of equipment (i.e. a conditioning pad), musicians and instrumentalists can now apply the same practices, by using a training surface developed solely for the hands and fingers.

This innovative equipment provides artists with an alternative method of enhancing music technique, with the ability to condition the body away from one's main instrument, through physical-rhythmic training.


Rhythmic Patterns

By utilizing a unique rhythmic system called Ambidextrous-notation, a style of notation that displays the choreographic movements of the right and left hand, elements of the percussion language are combined with the processes used by concert pianists, to maintain the highest levels of technical control.

Instrumentalists who require advanced dexterity for music making, can implement the equipment and methods for warming up, maintaining agility, strength, and speed in the fingers—all while learning a stimulating rhythmic language.


Increase confidence by creating a formidable physicality for music performance, even before you start working at your instrument, and minimize the risk of injury due to purely instrumental practice habits.

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Rhythmic Dexterity Pad Training Surface Black Carbon Fiber for Pianists
The Technology of Rhythmic Dexterity Music Method Inside the Book


Gain new perspectives on movement, rhythm, and coordination with The Technology of Rhythmic Dexterity method book. Use the concepts to attain high levels of strength and dexterity in the hands and fingers, while exploring a variety of unique ideas on touch and tactile sensation.

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No matter what instruments you use to create with, you can use the Rhythmic Dexterity Pad® to develop an engaging warm-up routine, maintain your physicality, and optimize the use of your body for performance.

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The Technology of Rhythmic Dexterity Music Method for Music Producers