We build equipment and incorporate music practice strategies for:

Performing Artists  •  Music Teachers  •  Instrumentalists    

The Art of Dexterity LLC is a small music company founded by Mark Tondi; pianist, music producer, and author of The Technology of Rhythmic Dexterity method books. Its mission is to provide unique and innovative educational products for creative musicians, performers, and teachers, in the specialized area of instrumental technique.

The vision of The Art of Dexterity is to give artists a researched and developed system of training, to enhance dexterity in the hands and fingers. This type of training makes complex physical movements during instrumental practice and performance easier, and automatic. 

The methods presented not only allow creative musicians to form better working habits and more efficient workflows, they also provide educators with learning resources, and the opportunity to introduce advanced music techniques to students. The Rhythmic Dexterity Pad® training equipment along with The Technology of Rhythmic Dexterity method, systematize key areas to assist with the demanding aspects of music study. This enables musicians to warm up efficiently before practice or performance, maintain physicality, and prevent injury due to rigid instrumental practice habits. 

We believe it is critical for performers and teachers to understand how to use the body efficiently, especially the diverse rhythmic and physical capabilities of the hands, to positively influence music making. Finger agility, stretching, and strengthening, are areas of skill that instrumentalists need to develop and maintain, to create at the highest level. 

The hands, fingers, wrists, and forearms are important parts of the body that help humans function in daily living. In addition to musicians, many other types of people may also benefit from the methods and equipment offered by The Art of Dexterity. This includes those who use their hands in different capacities for their occupation, people with disabilities, people with medical conditions like arthritis, and people who are recovering from injury. We always advise customers to consult a licensed health care professional prior to using any training methods or equipment offered.  

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